Live a Debt-Free Life


The Focus of Live a Debt-Free Life Bootcamp

  1. Find Out How Much Your Debt Is Costing You

    Every day you carry debt, you pay for it. Let’s see what the price tag of your debt is.

  2. Stop Increasing Your Debt

    In order to pay down your debt, you need to start living within your means. We’ll show you how.

  3. Get on a Schedule to Pay It Down

    We’ll have you create a debt payment plan that you’ll stick to.

Live a Debt-Free Life Schedule

  • day 1

    Reassess: Get a Handle on Your Debt

    Find out about the different kinds of debt and see how much your debt is costing you.

  • day 2

    Revamp: Get on a Budget

    Learn the 50/20/30 Rule of budgeting and then see how your budget matches up.

  • day 3

    Reset: Get a Debt Payment Plan

    Pick one of the two ways of paying down your debt and see if a balance transfer is right for you.