Get Money Back AFTER You Buy Your Plane Ticket

Get Money Back AFTER You Buy Your Plane Ticket

The Financial Problem

The price of that flight you just booked always seems to drop the day after you buy it. You wind up kicking yourself for it later.

The Solution

Get that money back by taking advantage of little-known “guaranteed airfare” policies.

The Action

Join Yapta, a free service that helps you save money on airfare before and after you buy. It tracks the price of your booked flight and alerts you when the fare drops below what you paid. It also holds your hand through the process of getting a refund from the airline. The tipping point varies by carrier—JetBlue and Alaska Airlines will issue refunds for any price drop, whereas you’ll need a drop of $150 or more to outweigh the cost of a rebooking fee on the major carriers.

If your ticket is fully refundable, you’ll be credited the difference in your original form of payment. If not, you’ll be issued a travel voucher or credit to use on a future flight. The site also lists the refund policies of all domestic airlines, so you don’t have to track down the fine print yourself.

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Rather get the best deal the first time around? Enter your flight of choice and Yapta will conduct daily price checks and alert you when the price drops. You'll know when to book your flight for the best value, and you'll avoid having to monitor fluctuating flight prices obsessively.

Our favorite part?

Yapta tracks hotel rates and availability, too, so you can save money on all legs of your trip. Don't forget to use your frequent flier miles!


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