5 Sneaky Ways Supermarkets Get You to Spend More

5 Sneaky Ways Supermarkets Get You to Spend More

On your next grocery run, watch out! Savvy Sugar alerts you to the five tricky methods supermarkets employ to get you to spend more money.

Do you ever wander through the grocery store and end up spending more than you were budgeting for? Don't beat yourself up over it—supermarkets actually have several different strategies to trick customers into blowing bucks. Be on the alert and watch out for the sneaky psychology tactics these stores will try to use on you.

Ten for $10

Ten for $10 sounds like a great deal. However, you'll get the same savings even if you only buy one item, according to the New York Times. A grocery store survey recently found that people bought way more items when they see ten for $10 deals vs. five for $5 and one for $1 sales. Even if you aren't buying ten items, your mind will trick you into thinking that the item is such a great deal that you end up buying more of it.

Growing Carts

No, you're not shrinking; it's the grocery carts that are growing. The larger the cart, the more likely you'll end up spending more, so try to stick to a hand basket instead.

Pre-Cut Vegetables and Fruit


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