Find a Mental Health Balance at Work

Find a Mental Health Balance at Work

Even if your career is rewarding, it can also be really stressful. Learn how to manage your stress at work with these tips from Savvy Sugar, so you can work more productively and live more happily.

Never-ending work to-do lists breed stress. It's a fact of adult life. We race to get to work on time and fight to get ahead or make a mark. If you find your blood boiling amid deadlines and piles of paper, decode your stressorsfocus on your strengthstidy up and then try these simple (but stress-crushing!) tips from Mental Health America.

Ask for Wiggle Room

Mental Health America advises:

Ask for flexibility. Flex time and telecommuting are quickly becoming established as necessities in today’s business world, and many companies are drafting work/life policies. If you ask, they might allow you to work flexible hours or from home a day a week. Research shows that employees who work flexible schedules are more productive and loyal to their employers.

Savvy says: Many employers are adopting flexible arrangements to compensate for their lack of compensation increases. Talk to your manager.

Efficiency Is Key

Mental Health America advises:

Be efficient with your time at work. When we procrastinate, the task often grows in our minds until it seems insurmountable. So when you face a big project at work or home, start by dividing it into smaller tasks. Complete the first one before moving on to the next. Give yourself small rewards upon each completion, whether it’s a five minute break or a walk to the coffee shop. If you feel overwhelmed by routines that seem unnecessary, tell your boss. The less time you spend doing busy work or procrastinating, the more time you can spend productively or with friends or family.

Savvy says: I find it's important to start the day off right if I hope for the afternoon to fall into place. Check out my morning productivity tips for support.

To learn more tips for managing your stress at work, continue reading at Savvy Sugar.


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