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For the Love of Family: 6 Tales of Estate Planning Gone Wrong

From biased executors to irresponsible young heirs, estate pitfalls abound—just ask the legal pros who manage estate blunders.

Let's Talk (Financial) Turkey: 6 Tips for Discussing Estate Plans With Family

To help facilitate your family finances talk, we gathered pro tips on how best to share your personal decisions with loved ones.

Covering Your Assets: 7 Common Estate Planning Mistakes People Make

These missteps—like not thinking through your trustee choice—can negatively impact loved ones. Pros pinpoint the errors to avoid.

Is a Trust Right for You?

Trust funds can be a useful—even vital—tool for middle-class families. Find out if one could be the right strategy for you.

Should You Give Your Kids an Early Inheritance?

If you're lucky enough to help your loved ones out financially, you may wonder: Give now or give later? We'll help you decide.

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Wills and Trusts 101

You should always be prepared for the unexpected by setting up a will or trust. Learn how they work and how to set one up.

6 Top Divorce Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

From thinking you have to use an attorney to forgetting to account for the tax implications of alimony, here are the top divorce mistakes you should avoid.

Living Will and Health Care Proxy 101

It’s not exactly fun to think about, but it’s important for every woman to consider what would happen if she were unable to direct her medical care.


I Want to Set Up a Living Will and Health Care Proxy

A living will is a document that outlines the medical decisions you want made in case you are unable to communicate them yourself. Learn to set one up here.

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