Do You Live in a Super Saver City?

Do You Live in a Super Saver City?

Everything's bigger in Texas ... including the savings accounts.

At least that's the consensus of a new GoBankingRates ranking of America's best cities for saving: Six out of 10 of the top-ranked metropolises are in the Lone Star State.

While Atlanta scored the No. 1 spot, Houston placed fourth, and other Texas towns like Lubbock, Arlington, Garland, Plano and Ft. Worth landed in the top ten. (You can check out the full rankings—and see where your hometown placed—on GoBankingRates.)

The study, which analyzed 100 of the most-populated American cities, took into account a number of factors to determine what made these locales the most conducive to saving. They included household incomes, the unemployment rate, the city's sales tax, home prices and the average savings account rate. After all, it's not just your paycheck that determines how much you're able to put away.

"Even the most frugal family will struggle to grow a savings fund if they can't get a decent job, earn a sufficient income or afford to pay taxes," Casey Bond of GoBankingRates said in a press release. "These rankings show that if Americans want to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and start saving money, they might have to move to a city with greater opportunity."

Of course, if your own saving plan doesn't involve packing up your bags and heading to the South, check out these foolproof ways to grow your fund—in any city—and learn the one secret that could help you save a ton of money.


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