Cut Your Costs


The Focus of Cut Your Costs Bootcamp

  1. Lower Your Bills

    Negotiate better rates on your bills, and create new habits that will slash your expenses.

  2. Reach Your Financial Goals

    Use the new room you’ve found in your budget to reach your financial goals–like buying a home–faster.

Cut Your Costs Schedule

  • day 1

    Dive into your current budget and learn how cutting your costs could help your reach your financial goals.

  • day 2 – 3

    Save on in-home entertainment like cable and movies, your cell phone and laptop, and ditch those pesky financial fees.

  • day 4 – 5

    Learn how to build a wardrobe and beauty routine that gives you confidence without draining your bank account.

  • day 6 – 7

    Maintain your health on a budget with tips and to-dos that will help you save on groceries and fitness.

  • day 8 – 9

    Cut your utility bills and transportation costs–so you can spend that money on more fun things!

  • day 10

    Learn how you can enjoy yourself outside the house while sticking to your budget.