Credit Card Hackers Target Wyndham Resorts and Other Hotels

Credit Card Hackers Target Wyndham Resorts and Other Hotels

We think of hotels as a place for relaxation and leisure, not as a target for credit card hackers. But recent statistics show that 38% of credit card hacking involves the hotel industry.

According to a New York Times’ article, hotel sectors are a favorite among hackers. When the hotel industry faced recent money issues, basic security programs were not given top priority. Now, with inadequate security software, it has become quite easy for people to steal personal data and gain access to your individual accounts.

What to Look for

In many cases of fraud, the hackers start out making multiple small charges just to see if it gets noticed. When they see that they can get away with it, the bigger charges start coming through.

What to Do

The best thing you can do (and we don’t mean avoid hotels) is to check your card statements daily, and correctly. We know, once upon a time checking your statement really did require some diligence. But this just isn’t the case anymore. Checking your balance is literally one click away if you look at your account online. If you can get into the habit of checking your statements at least once a day, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing no one is out there using your accounts! At the very least, make sure to check your statements after a trip or hotel stay.

LV Tip: While you might not be able to control someone hacking into your account, you can pay attention when you pay with a credit card. Information can be stolen with as little as a quick (but slightly longer than normal) glance at your card. After staying at a hotel, a member of the LearnVest team saw a charge of $5 from a local bakery on her card…and she did not get that coffee and muffin herself.


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