Considering Truancy? Better Have A Good Excuse

Considering Truancy? Better Have A Good Excuse

Thinking about going to Disneyland instead of clocking in your 9 to 5? Fuggedaboutit. You might be tracked down by a detective who specializes in sniffing out those skipping work to play, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Interestingly, private investigator Rick Raymond says that 80% to 85% of his suspects are almost always faking illnesses. That's a lot of guilty truants! Some examples the Chronicle mentioned were quite over-the-top, from the schoolteacher who lied about a brain tumor to the firefighters who called in sick to attend hockey games.

Curious about the cause of these tricky truancies? Read the whole article at SavvySugar. CLICK HERE.

Tell us in the comments: Have you ever played hooky? Did you get away with it?


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