Ceiling Fans, Window Treatments, and Flat-Screen TVs: 10 Things That Won’t Come With the House


It’s tough for homebuyers, especially first-time buyers, to look at a house and see its “bones” What will the place look like without that comfy sofa, those fancy drapes, that pretty chandelier? However, it’s good to remember: Unless you tell the sellers otherwise, that stuff is all going with them. Even things that are “mounted”—and appear to be affixed to the house—sometimes don’t get sold with the house. Case in point, this New York Times article about flat-screen TVs.

So I’ve created this little checklist of things that don’t necessarily come with the house or apartment you’re buying. If you want them as a buyer, remember to ask for them. And even if the seller says “sure,” double check to make sure that they actually get put into your contract.


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    Tell us in the comments: Have you ever inherited non-structural parts of your house from previous occupants? Have you ever left anything behind? Extra points for unusual and funny ones!