Build Your Business


The Focus of Build Your Business Bootcamp

  1. Assess Your Situation

    Get an operating budget and a personal budget to grow your business and your net worth.

  2. Maximize Your Productivity
    and Returns

    Capitalize on technology and pick up innovative, cost-saving habits to run an efficient operation.

  3. Expand Smartly

    Learn the newest, most cost-effective ways of getting more customers … and more employees.

Build Your Business Schedule

  • day 1 – 2

    Your Financial Picture:

    We’ll begin by analyzing your business goals and ensuring your personal finances are in good shape.

  • day 3 – 5

    Running a Tight Operation:

    We’ll then help you cut all the waste from your business in areas as diverse as technology and tax planning.

  • day 6 – 7

    Plan for the Future:

    Lastly, we’ll show you how to grow right. Find out how to build your brand and when to hire vs. outsource.