Budget for YOUR Life by Chase Blueprint

Budget for YOUR Life by Chase Blueprint

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About half of Americans regularly worry about money, and four in ten feel they lack control of their finances, according to a new study, “The Face of Personal Finance,” by LearnVest and Chase Blueprint. Do you consider yourself one of those people? If you do, a budget can help quell those worries.

At Chase Blueprint, we talk a lot about the importance of a budget—one that is simple, one that is doable and one that fits your unique life. A budget is personal—it reflects your priorities, your hopes, your goals and your values.  It reflects the kind of life YOU want to live.

Budgeting often seems like it is about what you can’t do, what you can’t buy and what you can’t have—but it’s not. It’s about establishing a plan for all the things you can do and can have. Establishing a plan for your finances is one of the most important steps you can take toward a successful life, especially when it comes to making smart spending choices. Smart choices make it possible to save, to pay off debt and to hit your goals like saving for a home, buying a car or paying for a vacation.

With a sound budget in place, you’ll know when it makes sense to say “yes” to a financial decision and when it makes sense to say “not right now.”  A budget will help you build wealth, break the cycle of saving “only what's left over” and kick-start your retirement and emergency savings. A budget puts YOU in control. So when you do pass on something, rather than feeling like you had to give up something, you’ll instead feel more confident that you made the right decision for YOUR budget.

At Chase Blueprint, we often hear people say one of the hardest parts of budgeting is getting started. That was part of our inspiration in creating Chase Blueprint. It’s a free set of features on select Chase credit cards that can help you save money and pay down your balances faster. In less than five minutes, you can have a plan in place to help manage everyday spending and borrowing.

The bottom line: Create a budget for YOUR life. If you need help doing so, there are tools like Chase Blueprint and those from LearnVest to help you stay on track. Budgeting becomes second nature, so give it a shot. It will pay dividends!

For more information on Chase Blueprint visit www.chase.com/blueprint.


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