Baby on Board


The Focus of Baby on Board Bootcamp

  1. Make Room in Your
    Budget for Baby

    Free up money for your new baby expenses, and find out where to get deals.

  2. Tackle Essential New
    Parent Paperwork

    Get a grasp on your will, life insurance, tax breaks and college savings.

Baby on Board Schedule

  • days 1 – 2

    What Baby Will Cost You

    Get the big picture of what your child will cost you, and create wiggle room in your budget to begin saving today.

  • day 3

    Put Work Questions to Rest

    From maternity leave to health insurance to working part-time, we’ll cover the areas where career and motherhood intersect.

  • days 4 – 5

    Smart Shopping

    Stretch your baby dollars—find out what you can pick up used and what you must buy new. Also: tips on scoring deals.

  • day 6

    Budgeting Basics

    See just how your monthly budget will change when diapers and other regular baby expenses get added.

  • days 7 – 8

    Peace of Mind
    (and Paperwork)

    Banish unnecessary stress with some important paperwork: a will, life insurance, tax breaks and saving for college.

  • day 10


    Get your final baby checklist, quiz yourself on what you’ve learned and promise yourself that you’ll keep up with your priorities.