A Valentine's Gift for You and Your Finances

A Valentine's Gift for You and Your Finances

Dear LearnVesters,

This Valentine's Day, I want to share a recent experience with you—I hope it means as much to you as it's meant to me.


As the founder of a personal finance site for women, I always want to practice what I preach. So, I offered all LearnVest employees an in-depth session with a Certified Financial Planner, since we launched our own planning services last month.

To test the experience, I had a session, too, focusing on how I'll combine my finances with my fiancé. Although I'm a personal finance expert and already had a super detailed ten-year plan, I was blown away. It felt fantastic to get a second pair of eyes on my finances, and it left me even more secure in my future—I feel reaffirmed that I can focus on my health, my company, my friends and family, without devoting all my mental space to how I'll accomplish my financial goals.

(And, after all, that freedom of mind is what LearnVest is all about!)

My fiancé and I were already aligned in terms of our vision for the future, but now we're aligned in a practical way. We have an exact game plan of how to get there.

Because my experience was so positive, I consulted the rest of the LearnVest team with one question: How can we share this fabulous experience with our users?

We came up with a plan.

What We Came Up With

As you know, I want to help you gain access to all the resources you need to live your best life. That's my mission. Whether you're working on your finances with your significant other or just trying to know what to do next, talking it out with a professional is, I've found, the best way to gain the same feeling of confidence I experienced.

So, I convinced the team to let me offer a special discount, good for one week (from now until midnight on February 22), to help you share my incredible experience: You can sign up for LearnVest's financial plan for 50% off. And, because we know that finances are so influenced by friends and family, you can give 50% off to someone you love, too.

Family and friends have a huge impact on the way we manage money, so the fastest way to reach your financial goals is to make the commitment with someone you love.

I hope you'll gain as much from this experience as I have. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the financial plan that's right for you.
  2.  Then, use the promo code ONEFORME to purchase any LearnVest financial plan for 50% off.
  3. Check your email: We'll send you another promo code for 50% off on any LearnVest financial plan to give to someone you love.


We hope this will help make it a Valentine's Day to remember. Here's to celebrating with those you love!

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