9 Ways to Build Credit (Without Relying on Credit Cards)

You might think that your credit has everything to do with your credit card.

But, in fact, your credit report and score aren’t as closely tied to those slips of plastic as you might think. Because only a small portion of your credit score is based on having and using revolving credit, even people who aren’t comfortable relying on credit cards like this woman who eschewed credit cards for six years—can build a respectable credit score. (For the rest of the factors and how much they affect your credit score, see Credit Scores 101.)

And your credit report, which documents every line of credit you’ve had for potential lenders, can be improved without ever swiping a card. (Though, keep in mind, having a credit card—if it’s used correctly—can be good for your finances.)

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But there are ways you can build credit without swiping a card. Here’s how.

Kimberly Rotter is a columnist and credit expert for CreditCardInsider.com.


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