8 Things You Think Are Good for Your Money … That Aren’t

Allison Kade

Frugalista. Recessionista. In the past few years, people have coined a lot of silly words describing women and their approach to money, but the thought behind each of them is the same: You care about your hard-earned dollars and want to make them stretch.

That’s true of most of us: We scrimp, we pinch, we try to feed our proverbial piggy bank as much as possible. Yet sometimes, in our excitement to be financial overachievers, we overreach.

It turns out there are a number of things that sound like they’d be doing good things for your money, and make you feel like you’re saving more  … when, actually, they’re having the opposite effect.

So, before you let your enthusiasm run away with your wallet, check out the top eight mistakes people make when trying to do something good for their finances—that secretly set them back.

To view the slides in one long list, click into the show and choose “list view.”


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    Allison Kade