6 Smart Savings Tips for Your Next Trip to the Supermarket

6 Smart Savings Tips for Your Next Trip to the Supermarket

Grocery bills can take a big bite out of your budget. Find out how to save with these tips from Savvy Sugar.

Although cooking at home is cheaper than eating out, buying groceries can still cost a pretty penny. But if you have these smart saving strategies in hand from consumer expert Andrea Woroch, your grocery bills will start shrinking. Not all of us can be extreme couponers—read on for some realistic ways to save big on your next trip to the supermarket.

Check Your Receipt

"Scanned items do not always ring up at the correct price. Watch the prices as they come up, and then check your receipt for those you missed to be sure sale and other items come up at the right price and quantities are correct,"

Shop High and Low

"If you want the best prices, scan both the top of the shelves and the very bottoms. The top-named brands pay big money to get their products situated at eye level. Smaller manufacturers can not afford such placement but offer better pricing."

For more supermarket savings tips, head over to Savvy Sugar. 


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