6 Simple Tips to Boost Creativity and Kick-Start Your Career

6 Simple Tips to Boost Creativity and Kick-Start Your Career

Though I've never loved the expression, there is some truth to it—there is, in fact, more than one way to skin a cat. It may seem irrelevant in an office job where it seems there's a procedure or a rule book for every task, but thinking outside the box may be your ticket to getting noticed and working your way up—even in this economy.

Just take a cue from Pat Lencioni, a consultant who crafted a novel approach to writing a business guide—literally—by authoring an unconventional business book that uses characters and a plot line to get the point across. His creativity paid off with over 2.5 million copies sold. But even if you're not the creative type and writing your own book seems a little out of your league, try these simple tips to change up your routine and get the creative juices flowing.

Make Time for Creative Thinking

It's easy to block out time on our calendars for meetings and conference calls, but blocking out a little time in your day (maybe after office hours) for creative thought should be a priority, too. Set aside time in your day to turn on some music, do some writing or drawing—any activity that helps to tap into your creative side. By mixing up your daily routine with something creative, you may start to see daily tasks differently, leading to some interesting innovation.

Get a Fresh Perspective

After a couple of years at the same job, you may start to see your career path and yourself in a certain way. Refresh your perspective on your routine by revisiting the time when you first landed that job. Think of the skills you touted to get the position, and what excited you most about the job prospect. Thinking about the career you have more objectively can help you to take better inventory of what skills you're using, and what skills you've forgotten were important. You may find a whole new side to the job that you've forgotten was there — and you may like it.

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