6 Juicy Secrets to Job Hunting

6 Juicy Secrets to Job Hunting

Finding a job has always been tough, and the economic meltdown just made things harder. Don't let the job hunt bring you down—you need to keep on trying and push through the tough times to get where you want to be! Arm yourself with these job-hunting tips:

  • Tap Into School Resources: Use the career services from your alma mater. For example, there should be plenty of job listings for alumni (not just entry-level ones), and go to networking events that your school organizes. If an interesting job listing opens up, ask a teacher or someone from the career office if they can direct you to a former student who works at the company. And remember, you can even check out career listings that other schools provide to their students. For example, because I was targeting a job in San Francisco, I asked a friend at Berkeley and another one from Stanford to give me access to view the jobs listed by their schools.
  • Cast a More Narrow Net: Your immediate instinct would be to apply to as many jobs as you can. If you can afford to do so, I would advise you to apply to less. That way you can focus and spend more time tailoring your resume and cover letter for the position you want. You can also spend the time networking and trying to find someone who knows an employee at the firm you would like to work in.

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