6 Important Tax Season Don'ts

6 Important Tax Season Don'ts

A fifth season exists, and it's one that isn't defined by the weather. Tax season has arrived and will hang around until April 18, the (somewhat extended) deadline for filing your 2010 income tax return. It doesn't have to be complicated. Keep these 6 don'ts in mind as you prepare and file your taxes to make this season as seamless as possible.

Don't Be Lazy About Deductions.

Completing your tax return should involve more thought than just copying the numbers from your W-2. You could potentially overpay the government without considering all possible deductions. You may end up going with the standard deduction after all, but do your research to make sure you're not overlooking important deductions that could make itemizing worth your while.

Don't Be Scared To Ask For Help.

The more moving pieces there are in your tax situation, the more room there is for error. Never be scared to seek help if you're not confident about filing your return by yourself. Get CPA referrals from family or friends, or head to a place like H&R Block for assistance.

Read on for 4 more tax season don'ts.


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