4 INSANELY Easy Tips to Shrink Your Energy Bill

4 INSANELY Easy Tips to Shrink Your Energy Bill

We've all heard how little moves like turning off the lights will shrink your energy bill. We know what you're thinking: A few cents ... whatever.

Think again. Try an average of $400 a year (~$30/month). Yeah, that's worth your time.

Here's how:

1CFL Should Stand for “Cheap, Fun Lighting.” In addition to having far longer lifetimes than incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs also use far less energy to operate—they can last up to seven years! In most of the country, a one-bedroom apartment could easily save $100 per year and $535 over the lifetime of the bulbs.

2Love Your Fans. Air conditioners use 1 kilowatt per hour, whereas fans use just 0.14 kWh per hour. In New York, you pay around 28 cents per kWh, so using an air conditioner will cost you about $280 per year. Using a fan for the same period of time will only cost about $39.

3The Old Cliché—Turn Off the Electronics. Say that you have four 100-watt light bulbs, a desktop computer (which uses about 0.225 kWh), and a television (which uses about 0.15 kWh). If you forget to turn off your electronics once a week, in some cities, you'd be wasting about $20 per year.

4Close That Fridge, Young Lady! A recent study found that poor fridge opening and closing habits account for energy waste of 50 to 120 kWh per year, per household. For a New York City household this translates to more than $30 of wasted money per year.


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