$160,000 Each: How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Kid?

$160,000 Each: How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Kid?

We just can’t get enough of the debate: How much does it cost to raise a child? Sure, the U.S. Department of Agriculture gathered the data (about $221,000 for 18 years), but no one agrees on the total. One thing is for sure: From childcare to college, kids are a financial drain.

Infants Are the Cheapest

And of course, Visual Economics has their own insight, complete with an age-bracket breakdown of childhood expenses and the easy-to-read organization we hold so dear. From their data summary:

During the time from birth through age two, it costs about $11,700 to raise the younger child in a family that earns a middle class income and has two parents and two children. While this sounds like a lot of money, this is actually the least expensive three-year period in a child’s life.

Cost Of KidsTo see the full-size infographic, head on over to Visual Economics! Click here.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think that a child should have everything a parent could possibly afford to provide? Or should parents exercise restraint?


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