10 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Day, From 10 Real Women Who Do

Libby Kane

We know two things:

1. We should be exercising more.

2. We’re probably losing money on our well-intentioned gym membership.

We’re aware that neglecting a gym membership is a huge waste of money. And neglecting our health is just as bad. Solution? Fit exercise into our day in other ways.

Before you laugh with derision, let us explain: We aren’t suggesting you run suicides up and down the office halls, or do downward dog in the middle of the conference room to clear your head. That’s great for people with private offices, but we wouldn’t be caught dead (or downward) doing that in our cubicle.

So we turned to people who actually fit exercise into their full days without the pre-dawn wakeup call or 1.5-hour lunch breaks for yoga class: our readers, our friends, our families.

In a world in which 9-to-5 is all too frequently a myth, we know it can be hard to find time for yourself. But studies have shown that exercising can actually help your finances … not to mention your health.

Let these avid exercisers inspire you to find creative ways to sneak in a workout—and to find the motivation to do it.


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    Libby Kane