10 Great Things You’re Already Doing With Your Money

Allison Kade

We know, we know—at LearnVest, we tell you a lot of things you should do, like:

  1. Save for retirement
  2. Pay off any debt you have
  3. Reevaluate your budget (because you already have a budget, right?)
  4. Stress out about all the aforementioned to-dos

We tell you because they’re all good for you, financially speaking. (Well, all but that last one.)

But sometimes, with all the worrying we do, it’s easy to forget to take a time out and give ourselves a pat on the back. And we bet there are already a lot of things you’re doing exactly right with your money.

Read on to find out how many of these 10 excellent financial habits you’ve already adopted, then sit back and feel super-proud of yourself.


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    Allison Kade

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