Financial Planners

Who You Can Actually Talk To

  • Meet Phil, CFP ®
    (The Mentor)
    Why He's The Mentor

    In addition to general financial planning experience, Phil helps:

    • Prepare retirement contribution strategies
    • Develop habits that last a lifetime
    • Help you get out of debt, and stay that way
    • Financial Planning Experience: 8 years
    • Prior Employers: Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, UBS
    • Education: B.A., Muhlenberg College; Certified Financial Planner; Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor
    Favorite Tip

    "Pay yourself first. Before you think of buying that big ticket item, make sure that you've paid yourself by setting some money aside. An adequately funded emergency savings account is your best tool you have to keep yourself out of debt when that big life event happens."

  • Meet Stephany, CFP ®
    (The Enforcer)
    Why She's The Enforcer

    In addition to general financial planning experience, Stephany helps:

    • Coach overspenders
    • Simplify retirement
    • Optimize investment portfolios
    • Financial Planning Experience: 10 years
    • Prior Employers: Pension Architects
    • Education: B.A., Pepperdine
    Favorite Tip

    "Savor what you spend. Think about what gives you the most happiness and focus on always having room for this in your budget. I'll cancel cable and pack lunch daily so I can afford yoga and I don't ever feel like I had to give anything up to make it work."

  • Meet Natalie, CFP ®
    (The Trainer)
    Why She's The Trainer

    In addition to general financial planning experience, Natalie helps:

    • Make investing accessible and easy
    • Self-employed clients organize accounts, structuring income and managing inconsistent income.
    • Clients find balance.
    • Financial Planning Experience: 8+ years
    • Prior Employers: Ameriprise Financial
    • Education: B.A. in Economics, B.A. in Sociology, UC San Diego
    Favorite Tip

    "Open a FUN account and save into it monthly. These are guilt-free-whatever-you-want dollars that can be spent on absolutely anything! And the best part? It won't disrupt your budget!"

  • Meet Brandie, CFP ®
    (The Reformer)
    Why She's The Reformer

    In addition to general financial planning experience, Brandie helps:

    • Pay down debt (with style)
    • Hunt for the best brokerage accounts
    • Optimize investment portfolios
    • Financial Planning Experience: 6 years
    • Prior Employers: Morgan Stanley Global Wealth; UBS Financial Services
    • Education: B.A., U. of Colorado
    Favorite Tip

    "Don't shop with a cart. I love Target -- they have some great deals. But the only way I can spend less than $100 is to limit myself to whatever I can carry in my arms. When I start dropping things, and people keep asking whether I need a basket, I know it's time to head to the checkout."

Our Commitment To You

How We Can Help Make Financial Progress Feel Amazing

Judgment-Free Accountability

People lie. Numbers don't.

LearnVest's award-winning Money Center tool provides a clear and powerful snapshot of your finances at any given moment in time. You and your Planner can co-browse exactly what's happening in your accounts, so that you can both see your progress in real-time. And, if you'd like, your Planner will also be able to see when you're veering off track, and can check in to see if something important has changed.

Judgment-Free Accountability

Your Planner and LV's tools will give you an honest assessment of your progress.

Change, Actually

Your Planner gives you custom-tailored Challenges designed to accomplish your personal financial goals. Challenges are tasks just outside your comfort zone, so they're achievable, but can feel like huge wins when you're done. As you take on each Challenge, your Planner will provide a blend of cheerleading and tough love to keep pushing you towards real, sustainable progress.

Change, Actually

We specialize in helping break bad financial habits and building great ones. For good.

Dedicated Support

Live Planning Sessions so your Planner gets to know you and your goals

Unlimited email access - so you can ask questions and absorb answers when it's convenient for you

A 24/7, dynamic snapshot of your financial accounts within Money Center (on both web and mobile)

Dedicated Support

When the unexpected strikes, your Planner is just an email away.

White-Glove Treatment

Every client is a little bit different. No matter what your need is, your Planner will chase down the answer that's right for your situation.*

529 accounts? Small business? Estate planning? Bring it on.

*For questions about filing tax returns, we do recommend that you consult an accounting professional.

White-Glove Treatment

Your Planner will go above and beyond to help make sure that you're taken care of.

Just Advice

Here's an ugly truth: Most people giving financial advice (like bankers, brokers, and insurance agents) are trying to sell you other stuff, and then get a revenue cut of what they sell you.

The only thing we sell is our advice, and the only responsibility we have is to our clients. We don't stand to gain by recommending anything other than what's right for you.

And we're going to keep it that way.

Just Advice

Your Planner doesn’t charge any commissions, LearnVest simply charges a clearly defined fee for your financial plan.

Crystal Clarity

Ever pretend to understand something that might as well be written in Martian?

That doesn't happen here. Our goal is to make sure clients fully understand each recommendation we make. That's why we insist on delivering your financial analysis over the phone, so that we can fully unpack each concept and make sure to answer all your questions.

(None of them are dumb.)

Crystal Clarity

We speak in plain English. No opaque jargon allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this for me?
  • Why LearnVest?
  • Subscription billing
  • Why do I need a professional? Can't I figure this out on my own?
    If you have the experience under your belt to confidently make decisions about your retirement accounts, create a debt payoff plan, analyze your budget, save for your kids' education (and the list goes on), then go for it! But if you're like the rest of us who find all the choices a little overwhelming, then you've come to the right place.
  • What if I don't know anything about personal finance?
    Then you're in the right place! Whether you're just launching your career, or perhaps taking over the family finances after a death or divorce, LearnVest Planning is the perfect place to start. No matter where you're starting from, our planners will transform financial progress into simple, achievable steps that don't feel overwhelming.
  • Does this work for couples and families?
    Absolutely! When money gets added into the relationship mix, it can get complicated. Sometimes it takes the help of an outsider to get you both on the same financial page and working toward your goals faster than ever. You're welcome to upgrade your membership using your financial information only, or add in your spouse/significant other's info as well (no extra charge).
  • What if I'm international?
    That depends. If you're a non-US citizen with most of your financial accounts located outside the US, we're unfortunately unable to serve you at this time. If you're a non-US citizen with predominantly US-based accounts, we can likely help you. Our Planners may be able to help you with things like budgeting or saving up to buy a house, but won't be able to advise you on any accounts in your home country.
  • Will LearnVest Planning Services hold any of my funds or place any trades for me?
    We do not hold assets or place trades for our clients. We do offer you detailed portfolio analysis, and help you implement our recommendation with the provider of your choice. In other words, we don't select the securities for you, but we will develop an asset allocation strategy that meets your needs, and give you step-by-step guidance on how to put it into motion in a smart, efficient way.
  • How do LearnVest Planning's fees compare with other fee-only planners?
    One year in the LearnVest 5-Year Planner program costs you $508. According to the College of Financial Planning, the industry's average financial plan costs $1,900. That's a 73% difference. See, we're saving you money already! (Source: College for Financial Planning, 2011 Survey of Trends in the Financial Planning Industry)
  • Wait, what? Where's the catch?
    Our team spends all day, every day thinking about how to deliver incredibly effective custom advice for a price that make sense for real people. So far, we've found 3 ways to do this: (1) No brick and mortar: Your Planner connects with you via email and phone, so we don't make you pay for upkeep on a storefront. (2) You do some legwork: For example, we ask you to hunt down a lot of your own data before your first working session, so that we can get to know you right away. (3) Our secret weapon: When you connect your accounts to the Money Center, your Planner can see what's going on in real-time. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what just changed, your Planner can focus on what you should do about that change.
  • Do I get to work with the same Planner every time?
    You sure do! Your Planner will be dedicated to you as you develop a relationship, just as you would with any other professional (like a doctor or attorney). Afer all, you'll be sharing your goals and fears about money so your Planner can help you address them.
  • Can I work with an Planner near me?
    In order to keep our prices low, we do all our consulting via phone and email (no in-person appointments). But we will go out of our way to accommodate your preference for appointment times. Our Planners are located all across the country, so if your work schedule doesn't permit you to take personal calls from 9 to 5, no worries!
  • What if I don't like it?
    You will. If the first month of your LearnVest experience isn't absolutely amazing, all you have to do is let us know, and we'll make sure you're taken care of. You can let us know by shooting us an email at or give our Dedicated Support Team a quick call at (866) 413-7883.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Of course. Our most successful clients work with their Expert for at least 6 months, but you can cancel your subscription at any point. Upon cancellation, you will still have access to your planner and your premium LearnVest account until the end of the 30-day period, and you will not be charged during the next billing period. There are no partial monthly refunds.
  • When do I get billed?
    You'll be charged on the day of the month that you purchased a premium membership. If a month doesn't have that particular date, you'll be charged on the last day of that month. For example, if you signed up on January 31st, you would be charged on: January 31, February 28 (or 29 on a leap year), March 31, April 30, etc.
  • If I upgrade, can I access exclusive premium tools and resources?
    You bet! We have created some interactive courses that will magically appear once you become a premium member. You'll find tips from budgeting to building a portfolio, along with a collection of videos from recent events featuring impressive guest speakers and your favorite LearnVest team members!

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