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Chic Dollar Store Finds From Dollar Tree, Family Dollar And Others

They say you don’t know the value of a dollar until you spend one of your own. But if you’ve got a buck (and maybe a little extra for tax), we’ve scoured some of the country’s most popular dollar stores for … Continue reading

Coupon Clipping 2.0: A-Z Guide to Sites and Apps That’ll Help You Save Now

We’ve all been there. Ogling an organic name brand product. Fantasizing about an impulse purchase. All the while, wondering: Can I really afford that condo/wedding gift/glass of wine? The good news: There’s probably an app for that. Read on for … Continue reading

4 Etiquette Rules For Ordering Menu Specials At Restaurants

You walk into a nice two-star restaurant on a sleepy Monday evening and see they’re running a delicious-sounding special of yellowfin tuna, braised fennel, confit tomatoes and a saffron sauce. Why not go for it? According to Anthony Bourdain, outspoken … Continue reading

Secrets Of A Laid-Off Socialite

I was laid off last year. There, I said it. One month, my job duties included gourmet food and wine tastings, and expense-able business lunches in nice hotels, and the next month, they didn’t. But here’s the upside: Nearly every … Continue reading

Grill Up the Perfect Outdoor Barbecue for Under $50

The best part about Memorial Day (aside from memorializing, of course) is the great American barbecue. We’ll show you our plan to throw one for under $50. More

Throw A Lavish 10-Person Dinner Party For $75

We love dinner parties because they let us catch up with old friends (and let them catch up with each other, and maybe even set them up with each other) in a more intimate setting than a bar or restaurant. … Continue reading

Long Distance, Low Budget

Enjoying a long-distance love affair? We’ve got a few tips on how to keep the financial headaches out of it by saving on travel and other expenses. More