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I Moved Home After Applying to 150 Jobs

I had no trouble finding cafe jobs, unpaid internships or freelance work. But a full-time job? No dice. More

How Money Kept Me From Becoming an Opera Singer

To be an opera singer, you have to be rich. And I’m not. I wasn’t, and I’m not, rich. More

Tales of a Failed Salary Negotiation

I researched, I prepared, I presented … and I failed. More

I Finally Stopped Obsessing Over My Student Loans

I was obsessed with something I couldn’t immediately change: my five-figure, mortgage-sized student loan debt. More

Why the Second Year of Paying Off Debt Is the Hardest

One year ago this week, my husband and I decided to get our financial act together. More

The 40 Jobs I’ve Had So Far

For most of the 28 years of my life, I’ve pretty much taken up any offer to make money that came my way. Here are 40 jobs that I remember. More

How My Car Taught Me About Sunk Costs

I have a tendency, probably like most people, to weigh sunk costs a bit too heavily. Last year, that changed. More

Horseback Riding and Boxing: The Costs of My New Favorite Hobbies

My favorite things I purchased this year weren’t possessions but new hobbies—costly, yet worthwhile. More

My Grandmother Cut Me Out of Her Will

“My grandmother cut me out of her will because I was born a female.” It’s a good line at parties, even if it’s not 100% true. More

Student Loan Debt, Australian Version

My $30,000 loan doesn’t feel like a real debt. The repayments are made only if I earn over a certain amount, which is about $40,000 per year. More