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Have You Done a Home Inventory?

For insurance purposes, it’s crucial to keep a record of your belongings. These 4 apps are a great (and easy!) way to get started. More

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“What’s Your Mother’s Maiden Name?”

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Should You Quit Cable?

Depending on what kind of TV you watch, cable is a waste of money—or a wise investment. More

New Smarter, More Secure Credit Cards Are Coming

There is a new breed of credit cards coming soon from MasterCard and Dynamics (in partnership with Visa) that use electronic chips to make your card more secure. More

6 New Gadgets That Save You Money

Read this list to find devices that help determine where you’re losing your money and ensure you keep spending under control.

5 Sites That Save You Money on Kids’ Clothing

The average family spends $630 to $1,250 per year on each child’s clothing. But you could cut that by as much as half if you rent or trade in your kids’ clothes. More