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10 Ways to Save at Restaurants

Many consider dining out to be a luxury, but it needn’t be. We came up with ten dining tips to help you substantially reduce your check. More

9 Ways to Save on Gym Fees

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5 Google Tools You NEED To Know About

Google is one of the most comprehensive internet tools for organizing your life, so use it wisely to save hundreds of dollars and hours of time. Free Reading. Search for magazines and books through Google Books, which allows you to … Continue reading

9 Ways To Save On Arts & Culture

Going to opera and the theater feeds the soul, but drains the purse. As a result, LearnVest brings you some budget-minded ways to enjoy the performing arts: 1. Join A Membership Group. In cities that support a major opera house, … Continue reading

5 Important Things to Know Before Returning Gifts

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5 Holiday Retail Tricks to Steer Clear Of

Despite your best savings intentions, shopping is a part of the holiday season. That said, we urge you to be especially careful of retail gimmicks. More

What Kind of Consumer Are You?

The recession has shaken us up, and four types of consumers have emerged from the rubble. Which type are you? Read this to findout. More