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Americans’ Favorite Credit Cards Are …

In a customer satisfaction poll, American Express and Discover duked it out for first place. Who ultimately snagged the top spot?

Tuition Over Retirement? Where Parents Are Placing Their Priorities

More than half of moms and dads would tap their nest egg to pay for Junior’s college. Why this finding has experts worried. More

‘The Opposite of Spoiled’: A Guide to Raising Money-Savvy Kids Every Parent Should Read

A New York Times columnist is out with a new book about why parents can’t afford to stay mum about money—even with little kids. More

Net Worth in the U.S. Soars to New Heights

Americans’ combined wealth hit a record $82.9 trillion in 2014—and, surprisingly, the rich aren’t the only ones benefitting. More

Mapping Out the Wage Gap: What Are the Best States for Working Women?

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research assigned pay parity letter grades to states across the U.S.—and only one got an “A.” More

President Obama Has Ambitious Plans for Your Student Loans

The Student Aid Bill of Rights will give borrowers more protections—and even the ability to discharge student debt in bankruptcy. More

Guilty of Overspending? Practice Being a Priority Planner

New research finds budgeting fosters what experts call efficiency and priority planning—behavior that can lead to better spending. More

Why Correcting Your Credit Report Just Got Easier

The bureaus have agreed to big overhauls—like being more proactive about fixing errors, and recasting how medical debt is treated. More

The Real Deal on How We Spend Tax Refunds

A new poll finds most people use those checks from Uncle Sam to get ahead on financial goals—with these to-dos topping the list. More

5 Traits Tomorrow’s Millionaires Possess

Want to strike it rich? Research on emerging affluent behavior reveals the factors that can set you up for success. More