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HSBC to Pay Record Settlement for Money-Laundering Case

The bank will pay $1.25 billion in forfeiture (the largest forfeiture ever in this type of case) and pay $655 million in civil penalties. More

Unemployment Rate at 4-Year Low

The unemployment rate fell from 7.9% to 7.7% in November, but you should care less than usual. Here’s why. More

Money Mayhem: Starbucks Releases $450 Gift Card

Starbucks has announced that it will sell a limited run of exclusive gift cards crafted from steel and preloaded with a $400 credit. More

Congress Might Discontinue the $1 Bill

Congress would replace the bills with the $1 coin, a move that would save taxpayers $4.4 billion over the next three decades. More

Could We Be Closer to A Fiscal Cliff Deal Than We Realize?

Depending on who you ask, the fiscal cliff confrontation in Washington is either a massive standoff, or a massive mirage. More

After Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday

Charitable groups have dubbed tomorrow, the day after Cyber Monday, “Giving Tuesday.” How does it work? More

Amazon Now Sells Wine

Amazon launched its wine market, featuring bottles from more than 1,000 domestic brands, ready to ship to a dozen states and Washington, DC. More

Theater Avoids Ticket Tax By Selling Admission Carrots

Why not sell carrots (yes, the vegetable), instead of tickets? One theater owner tries something new. More

Survey Says the Most Important Part of Working Is …

Deadlines? Attention to detail? According to a new survey, workers’ top priority might surprise you. More

Pre-Election Unemployment Rate Improving

The last jobs report before the election hit Friday, and it was a good one. More