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The Dirty Little Secret About Family Leave

A new study shows that we love generous leave policies—but we don’t dare take advantage of them. What men and women had to say. More

Is Peer Pressure Cracking Your Nest Egg?

A new Yale study shows that many potential savers get derailed when they hear how much other people are socking away. Here’s why. More

Money Struggles Map: The Top Financial Challenges by State

In Alaska, it’s credit cards. In Louisiana, it’s retirement. A poll looks at what’s keeping people up at night across the country. More

Can Netflix and Microsoft Rehab Work-Life Balance in the U.S.?

Both companies have been making news with their improved—read: more generous—parental leave policies. But there’s a catch. More

The Big Retirement Blunder Single Americans Are Making

Only 51% of unattached folks have opened a retirement savings account. Why the problem is only getting worse. More

The United States of Debt: Why Some See It as a Good Thing

Fact: 8 out of 10 Americans carry some kind of debt. A Pew study takes a closer look at our love-hate relationship with it. More

4 Brain Games That Can Help Alter Your Approach to Money

It can be tough to break bad habits. But you can flex those mental muscles to be better about finances with these mind games. More

Gen X Reality (Bites) Check: Why 40% Feel Financially Behind

Between losing wealth during the recession and stagnant wages, there’s a reason this demo feels like the “forgotten middle child.” More

Battle of the Sexes: Nest Egg Edition

A report reveals women contribute to 401(k)s at a higher rate than men—but have less in their accounts to show for it. What gives? More

The $400 Question: Should Americans Feel Better About Their Finances?

A Fed survey reveals just 53% of people could cover a $400 emergency expense. So why do 65% say they are “doing okay” financially? More