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Are Stay-at-Home Moms Really That Unhappy? We Asked One.

A new survey found that stay-at-home moms are more likely than their working counterparts to experience sadness and anger. Unfortunately … I totally fit that bill. More

5 Healthy, DIY Ice Pop Ideas for Summer

These five homemade ice pop ideas are so colorful, your kid will love them! Plus, they include real fruit and don’t take more than 10-15 minutes to prepare. More

How to Set Boundaries Between Work, Family and Fun

While our families will always be our first responsibility, it’s important to set up boundaries between our work and home life. Use these tips to help. More

Date Night! How to Score Some Kid-Free Time Alone

Couple time builds intimacy and strengthens bonds, which strengthens your marriage. Here are some cheap and easy ways to build more into your schedule. More

The Best Photos: How to Take Good Ones of Your Family

Sick of taking the same posed family photo, or photos that look horrible when you print them? Use our tricks to take the perfect family photo every time. More

7 Creative Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas Under $7 Per Guest

If you’re like us, you loved your birthday parties as a kid. Try any of these 7 unique, budget-friendly ideas for your kid’s party and she’ll feel the same. More