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10 Signs Your Child Is Too Busy

We all want our children to be well-rounded and successful. But is your child over-scheduled? We’ve got ten signs to look out for. More

Savoring: The Key to Stretching Your Dollar

Try this trick today to make sure that your money actually makes you happier. Trust us: It’s not as hard as you think! More

Sh*t Girls Say About Money

We couldn’t resist: Check out our very own video, “Sh*t Girls Say About Money.” If you’ve ever prayed to an ATM or bought “breakup earrings” … this one’s for you. More

Women and Money: Why We Stress, and How to Beat It

A new study has shown that women are dramatically more stressed about money than men. Find out how to beat your stresses, now. More

Say No to That Free Sample! The Rule of Reciprocity

There are little tricks businesses use to get us to buy. While some are pretty obvious, like sales and coupons, there are sneakier methods you should be aware of. More

Holiday Wish Lists: Practical or Tacky?

For every dollar you spend on a gift, the recipient will only feel about 25 cents of satisfaction. Avoid giving (and receiving) poor gifts with our guide. More

The Best Time Investments You Can Make

Think of these seven best ways to spend your time as investments that will yield the high dividends of a more fulfilled life. More

How to Spend South of the Haimish Line

New York Times columnist David Brooks advises that we learn to spend our money well, and stay south of the Haimish Line—the line between luxury and warmth. More

What’s Your Money Belief? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

What are your money beliefs? Take our quiz (a modified version of a Kansas State University study) and see which belief pattern fits you. More

13 Signs You’re Too Busy

There’s busy … and then there’s too busy. Find out how to rethink your schedule to make your life more manageable. More