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5 Tax-Free Health Expenses That Will Surprise You

Personal finance expert for women Manisha Thakor provides five suggestions of (surprising!) items you can spend your pre-tax dollars on. More

What a Motorcycle Trip Taught Me About Financial Angst

Expert Manisha Thakor reflects on the potential underlying causes of financial anxiety in the United States. More

What We Can Learn From Celebrities About Money

Expert Manisha Thakor highlights the everyday personal finance lessons we can learn from famous people from Jo Piazza’s new book, “Celebrity, Inc.’” More

Avoid These 4 Critical Mistakes During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment period is here! Find out what common mistakes people make, so you can make the most out of your options for the coming year. More

The Big Enough Company: Is a Larger Business Always Better?

For entrepreneurs, making sure your business is growing is extremely important. But is there ever a point at which your business is big enough to stop? More

Uncle Sam Wants to Help You … With Childcare Costs

Find out how Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts can help you save money on summer childcare costs ranging from day camp to babysitters. More

Don’t Let the High Cost of Fuel Get You Down

Are you shocked by the high prices at the gasoline pump? Find out how commuter spending accounts can help you save money on your drive to work. More

The Truth About Women, Aging and Retirement

Retirement means different things for men and women. Learn about the unique retirement challenges facing women–and how you can conquer them today. More

The White House Report on Women: 3 Surprising Insights

The White House recently released a report entitled, “Women In America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being.” The news isn’t all good. More

What It’s Like for Women on Wall Street

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a woman working on Wall Street? Nina Godiwalla, author of Suits: A Woman On Wall Street, tells all. More