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Buying a New Car? Brace For Sticker Shock

New research shows the average cost of a new set of wheels is widely out of reach for most Americans. So what’s a consumer to do? More

The Surprising Reason Behind College Tuition Hikes

Rising college costs are commonplace by now—but a new study finds that the money isn’t going to the students. More

The Sneaky Downside to a 6-Figure Salary

High earners beware: Research finds that there’s one factor associated with big paychecks that may actually sideline your career. More

Unhappy at Work? Join the Club

One in five Americans plan to change jobs this year–and these are the biggest culprits for leaving. More

Poor Performance Review? 5 Ways to Respond

If your annual evaluation is subpar, these tips can help you handle the situation professionally–and gracefully. More

10 Most Popular Flex Jobs in the U.S.

A new poll pinpoints the country’s most in-demand flexible careers—and where you can find them. More

The Secret to Getting a Loan If You’re Cash Poor

Struggling to qualify for a loan because you’re asset rich but lack a steady income? Here’s how to get past this borrowing hurdle. More

Medical Mystery: Why Are More Satisfied Patients Actually Worse Off?

New data shows that people who pay their doctors more tend to be happier with their care—but they also have higher death rates. More

The Rich Look to the Next Challenge: Retirement

A new survey finds that high net worth individuals are focusing on their retirement savings in 2014. More

Why Self-Employment Can Sabotage Your Retirement

A survey finds that 70% of Americans who are their own boss are behind on building up their nest eggs—if they’re saving at all. More