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6 High-Paying Jobs That Could Be in Your Future

These under-the-radar professions might just be some of the most promising jobs of the future. More

Talk Your Way Out of Bank Fees (Really!)

According to a study, half of customers who put up a fuss got irksome bank fees waived—but there’s a right and wrong way to gripe. More

Why a ‘Stay-at-Home Dad’ May Never Be the Norm

When it comes to child-rearing, men still only make up 0.8% of stay-at-home parents within couples—and that likely won’t change. More

Flustered By Your 401(k) Plan?

You’re not alone! A new survey finds that over 1/3 of participants feel “major stress” over choosing the right 401(k) investments. More

The New Price of Raising a Kid: $241,080

A report from the USDA finds that bringing up a child will cost about 3% more than last year—and that doesn’t include tuition. More

Guess What? More Vacation Time Won’t Make You Happier

Despite getting ample time off, Europeans say they aren’t any more satisfied with their work lives than Americans. What gives? More

The Student Loan Crisis Impacts Small Businesses

Young entrepreneurs are the future of the private business sector. There’s just one thing standing in their way: college debt.

Bad Credit? It Could Cost You a Job

Fact: 1 in 10 people have lost out on jobs over poor credit. And that’s not counting employers who don’t admit to checking scores. More

How Long Is Too Long to Be Unemployed?

A study finds that callbacks fall sharply if you’ve been out of work for over nine months. The good news? The stigma doesn’t last. More

The Real Cost of Driving a New Car reveals the price of fuel for over 750 vehicles. Can you guess which brand ranks best? More