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How Much Would It Cost to Live Like Our Favorite Mad Man?

Wondering what it would cost to live like Don Draper of Mad Men? This infographic tells you, and it’s more than you think! More

A Financial Way to Get Your Hunger Games Fix

A lot of fun was had tracking The Harry Potter Index when it was still relevant. Alas, we move on, and now set our sights on what promises to be called The Hunger Games Index. More

How Will Obama’s Corporate Tax Proposal Affect Your Investments?

Obama wants to close some loopholes for corporations. Which companies will take a hit? More

Americans Stop Stressing About Economic Instability

Americans are showing signs of less stress. Could it be because we’re just getting used to the turmoil? More

Investing How-To: Mutual Fund or ETF?

You’ve probably heard that diversification is important for nearly any portfolio. But how do you get it? Try mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). More

Investing How-To: Dividend Stocks With High Cash Flow

When looking for a stock that provides dividend income, check a company’s free cash flow to gauge whether they can continue to fund their dividend payment. More