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How I Did It: Simplified My Life to 100 Things

When I was diagnosed with MS, I started changing things. First my money, then my lifestyle. Now, I’m taking the 100 item challenge. More

London 2012′s Richest and Poorest Olympians

Does winning Olympic gold mean winning financial gold? Check out our list of athletes who bring in the endorsements–and those who struggle. More

Should You Open an eBay Account for Your Kid?

Last week, eBay announced it was considering allowing kids under the age of 18 to create user accounts with parental supervision. Is this good news or bad news for parents? More

How I Did It: Shrunk My Life to 128 Square Feet

One woman tells the story of how she downsized her life, from a 1200-square-foot apartment to a custom-made tiny house, smaller than a parking space. More

Retailers Use Text Messaging to Attract Young Customers

Retailers are using text messages to notify teens and young adults about upcoming sales and bargains–and getting great responses. More

7 Ways Not to Quit Your Job

We’ve all had less-than-stellar days at work, but for these individuals, enough was enough. Check out the seven ways you do not want to quit your job. More

@Learnvest Asks: Do You Splurge on Makeup or Go to the Drugstore?

Foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner–if there’s one expense that adds up quickly, it’s makeup. Our readers weigh in: When it comes to looking good, splurge or no? More

@Learnvest Asks: Have You Ever Wanted to Move to a Less Expensive Country?

With living and retiring in the US becoming more expensive and more stressful, we asked our friends and followers: would you ever consider leaving the US? More

Experts Predict Poverty Rate Will Increase to Highest Level Since 1960′s

A new survey by the Associated Press reveals that experts believe the poverty rate will rise in the coming years to levels not seen since the 1960′s. More

@Learnvest Asks: What’s Your Biggest Financial Regret?

Everyone makes mistakes–and money mistakes are no exception. This week, we turned to Twitter and Facebook and asked: What’s your biggest financial regret? More