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The 12 Worst Pieces of Insurance Advice

From ignoring renters insurance to lying for the best rates, don’t follow this terrible advice. More

Talk Doesn’t Pay

Insurance companies’ penny-pinching is sending traditional psychiatry toward extinction. More

How to Insure a Car You Don’t Plan on Driving

Usually you insure a car for you and the other drivers in your household to use. But how do you insure a car you don’t drive? More

Could You Buy Your Health Insurance in Person?

Between picking up groceries and stopping by the dry cleaner, your next trip to the shopping center could include a visit to the health insurance store. More

5 Reasons You Might Get Nothing From Your Insurance Claim

Insurance coverage in the event of a catastrophe is one blessing insurance customers can be thankful for–unless you’ve skipped some vital steps in making sure your policies reflect your life. More