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How Your Age Affects Your Mortgage

Getting a mortgage is rarely simple, but the challenges differ based upon your age. More

Ace Your Next Home Inspection

Check your light bulbs, set up a ladder for attic access and seven other simple things you can do to make the grade. More

Would You Buy an Engagement House?

A new study finds that more and more couples are buying homes together before marrying. More

Mortgage Shopping for Those With Student Loans

If you have student loans and want to buy a house, here’s what you need to know. More

Mortgage Points: Are They Worth It?

When mortgage shopping, make sure you find out the pros and cons of paying for points. More

The New ‘Qualified Mortgage’ Definition

We’ve certainly waited a long time for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to release the definition of a Qualified Mortgage, but the terms seem to reiterate present industry practices. More

How to Refinance Your Condo Mortgage

If you own a condominium and want to refinance your mortgage, you’ll need to meet two sets of loan guidelines: one that applies to you and another that applies to your condo owners’ association. More

5 Ways Your Mortgage Costs Could Go Up in January

Real estate has its own fiscal cliff that’s quickly approaching. If certain rules, laws and programs aren’t extended, we could see a stall in the housing market recovery. More