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10 Tax Audit Questions Everyone Asks

Does an income bump up my chances of an audit? Do I need a lawyer? We delve into common concerns people have about audits. More

8 Big Tax Law Changes You Need to Know

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9 Top Tax Questions Single Moms and Dads Ask

In this guide for moms and dads filing solo, you’ll get the skinny on common tax stumpers like who can claim the child credit.

Hit With a Hefty Overdraft Fee? 3 Ways to Get It Waived

If you overdrew on an account due to an innocent oversight, use these tips to ask your bank for forgiveness. More

3 Sneaky Car Rental Budget Busters

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20 Credit Facts Every 20-Something Should Know

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5 Ways to Protect Your Card at the Gas Pump

Consumers typically worry about credit card fraud when making purchases online or conducting ATM transactions, but fraudulent credit card activity has taken the form of gas station scams. More

How to Get Your Apartment Security Deposit Back

If you take certain steps to protect yourself, you can reasonably ensure that your security deposit refund makes its way back into your savings account. More

6 Reasons Why 20-Somethings Should Never Buy a New Car

Sorry to burst your dreams, but buying new just doesn’t stand up to financial scrutiny. In fact, the benefits of buying a used car far outweigh buying new. More

5 Ways to Start an Emergency Fund

Most Americans don’t have emergency funds, but it’s necessary with this tough economy. Here’s how you can start building up your savings. More