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4 Milestones That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Health Care Game Plan

As with finances, health care rarely gets less complicated with age. So prepare for what’s to come—starting with these to-dos. More

9 Clever (and Simple) Ways to Upcycle Garage Sale Finds

In the spirit of Earth Day, we compiled D.I.Y. ideas for breathing new life into your (or someone else’s!) household cast-offs. More

9 Famous People Who Almost Didn’t Reach Their Dream Career

Did you know Stephen King’s work was rejected 60 times, or that Emily Blunt had a severe stutter? Read on—and get inspired. More

How I Made It in a ‘Man’s’ Field: 5 High-Powered Women Tell All

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Money-Saving Travel Tips Debunked

Some wisdom isn’t so wise. Here’s the truth about six travel myths. More

We Spend Over 6 Billion Hours a Year Tackling Taxes

Since 2001, Congress has made almost 5,000 changes to the U.S. tax law, which may be why it takes so long. More

The Ups & Downs of Hiring an Employee’s Friends

Referred candidates are twice as likely to land an interview … and a 40% better chance of being hired. More

Housing Projected to Drive Economy in 2013

Just over half of economists surveyed by CNNMoney identified a housing recovery as the primary driver of economic growth this year. More

Save Money on Groceries Without Leaving Your Home

As fun as it is to wander through the aisles of your local food store, picking our colorful vegetables and fancy, artisanal breads, you can’t wear cheese. More

How To Recycle Used Video Games, Old Movies, And More

Look around your apartment. We’re thinking it resembles an electronic graveyard.There’s really only one thing to do: trade it in for cash. More