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Story of a Self-Made Real Estate Mogul: ‘I Quadrupled My Net Worth in Five Years’

Thanks to some serious real estate investing savvy, Tim’s increasing his net worth by $72K a year—and he’s only 34. More

The Sacrifices Couples Make in the Name of Homeownership

In a survey, people say it’s so hard to scrounge up that down payment, they’d sacrifice a honeymoon—and more—to afford it. More

A New Theory For Why Women Earn Less

Two sociologists have a novel explanation for the pay gap: They say men are more willing to be overworked—and are rewarded for it. More

15 Employers That Shell Out for School

Starbucks isn’t the only company to provide tuition benefits. From Apple to Intel, these businesses offer college assistance. More

The Millennial Ideal: Jobs That Offer ‘Work-Life Blend’

A new survey finds young people are most attracted to positions that fulfill them professionally, personally and even socially. More

The Happiest Employees Live Here …

A new report ranks the top 20 metro areas for worker satisfaction and business outlook. Which city led the pack for two years? More

10 Grad School Degrees With the Highest ROIs

Workers with advanced degrees in these fields tend to pay off their student loans in less than 10 years. Is yours on the list? More

Why Your Credit Score Could Suddenly Change on You

FICO just upgraded its scoring system to better assess credit risks—and there’s a nearly 50% chance your score will be impacted. More

Are Retirees Running Out of Cash?

A survey finds 53% of those polled don’t have an income strategy in place—and draw from retirement accounts “as the need arises.” More

Is Your Bank a Threat to Your Balance?

A study finds that banks still employ shady practices that encourage overdraft fees—and hurt customers. Here’s how to avoid them. More