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Celebrate! Banks Revoke Debit Card Fees

Go ahead, put that cash back in your wallet: For many bank customers, swiping debit cards is once again free. More

The World’s 8 Most Expensive Pets

We’ve rounded up the world’s most expensive pets to show you the big bucks that people will spend to buy themselves a flashy pet. More

The Best and Cheapest Ways to Buy Textbooks Online

Many people forget to budget for textbooks when they head back to school. Get the cheapest textbooks with our guide. More

The World’s Wealthiest Celebrity Couples

The numbers are in, and the list of the world’s highest-paid celebrity couples is out. Check out who made the cut. More

A Closer Look at Students’ Financial Burden

Check out this infographic, which gives a breakdown of the financial burden students must shoulder to go to school. More

Is Warren Buffett Right About Taxing the Rich?

Warren Buffett recently proposed that the government raise taxes on the super-rich in order to “get serious about shared sacrifice.” Do you agree? More

LV Staff Shows You How to Throw a Swap Party

A clothing or accessory swap sounds great in theory, but there is definitely possibility for disaster. Use these tips to throw a chic and drama-free swap party. More

Away We Go: How to Travel (Better) With Friends

Traveling with your friends can be fun, but it can also be challenging. How can you take a trip in a group—and stay friends at the end? More

Should You Ready Your Résumé? Or Not?

College seniors may have just finished internships, but the job search isn’t over. Learn when to begin polishing your résumé and searching for your first job. More

Could You Have Unclaimed Cash?

State treasuries hold billions of dollars in money and assets that have gone unclaimed by their owners. Find out how to locate and claim possible long-lost cash. More