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I Want to Get Health Insurance

Ready to get covered? Of course you are! Here are the steps to finding the best health insurance for your needs. More

Living Will and Health Care Proxy 101

It’s not exactly fun to think about, but it’s important for every woman to consider what would happen if she were unable to direct her medical care. More

Health Insurance 101

We may find health insurance a hassle, but it is one of our most important financial safety nets. Learn why it’s important and how it works. More

I Want to Set Up a Living Will and Health Care Proxy

A living will is a document that outlines the medical decisions you want made in case you are unable to communicate them yourself. Learn to set one up here. More

11 Part-Time Jobs With Fabulous Perks

Employers are hiring for part-time jobs, which will not only give you a salary but also some opportunities to score great perks. More

8 Insanely Expensive Holiday Gifts

It’s important to keep holiday purchases in perspective. Go ahead and giggle at these pricey presents, then feel great about what you’ve gotten your loved ones. More

From Parabens to BPA: The Easy Way to Keep Your Kids Toxin-Free

Avoiding BPA, phthalates and parabens: How to buy toxin-free products for your children, and why buying organic for kids is worth the money.

9 Celebrities Who Can’t Resist a Discount

We shop for deals at big-box stores, but some celebrities do too. Check out our slideshow of nine thrifty celebs who show us that being frugal can be fabulous. More

The Complete Guide to Body Language

Studies show that people size you up in only two seconds. Find out what your body language is communicating–and how to make the best first impression possible. More

One Financial To-Do You Can’t Afford to Skip

Living wills aren’t sexy, but this is one financial to-do to check off ASAP to save your family a lot of misery—and money—and provide you with peace of mind. More