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Contractor vs. Full Time Job: Which Is Better for Me?

When I started my job, I later realized that I was being misclassified as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee. More

Have a Job Interview? Prepare Yourself for Effective Salary Negotiation

There’s always room to negotiate if you’re respectful and don’t appear to be giving ultimatums. In this economy, there is more room for barter than you think. More

Job Opportunities Are Everywhere: Make the Most of Internships or Temporary Jobs

You should never be sitting home while you’re looking for a job. One great way to get your foot in the door is by temping—but not randomly. More

Why Is An Exploratory Job Interview A Big Mistake?

Hiring managers report that some job seekers are trying to have a new kind of interview: I call it the exploratory interview, and it’s a big mistake. More

How Business Cards Can Help You Get a Job

When you’re job-hunting, there’s nothing less professional than having to write your e-mail address on a dirty napkin or someone else’s business card. More

The Jobs I Want Are Out of Town—How Can I Search for Jobs from Here?

Looking for a job is hard enough, but looking for a job in one city while you’re living in another is harder. Here’s what to do if you’re hunting long-distance. More

Dress to Impress: Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Job Interview?

It’s a great question because it’s really about how to present yourself professionally when you’re job-hunting. More

End the Job Search: Use This Tip to Find the Right Career Path

Use what I call “The Rule of Three.” Vow to reach out by phone or e-mail to three people per day to jumpstart your job search. More

Mark Your Calendar: Your Job Search Starts Now

How long should my job search take? This is a question I’m asked all the time. My answer to you is this: How long do you have? More

Looking To Find A Job? Narrow Your Search With This Tip

Here’s my #1 secret for getting the job really you want, in this or any economy: Don’t apply for jobs you don’t want. More