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Study Finds People Prefer Working With Friends Over More Money

A new study found that most people prefer having friends at their office to getting a raise. Which is more important to you? More

New Research Equates Smiling With Lack of Power

New research unveils the “boss effect,” a subconscious phenomenon that explains how we interpret others’ smiles and why we return them. More

Study Finds Women More Stressed By Bad News Than Men Are

The results of a new study suggest that women are more stressed by bad news than men. How stressful. More

New Site Aims to Let Students Crowdfund Education

If given the opportunity, would you crowdfund your education costs? A new website might give you that chance. More

Tackle 40 Household Tasks With Only These 5 Items

Don’t waste any more money on household cleaning supplies! Clean every room in your house with these five products. More

Why Most Parents Aren’t Saving for Their Kid’s College

New surveys show that Americans aren’t saving for college as much as they used to. Is this a smart move? More

Inspired by the Olympics: LV Friday Five, August 10, 2012

Here’s a quick roundup of this week’s posts celebrating the last week of the Olympics. More

Top 5 Cities Where Kids Move Back In With Their Parents

A new report reveals the top five cities where kids are moving back in with their parents. Is this a good thing or not? More

Moms, Kids and Sisters: LV Friday Five, August 3, 2012

Find out what you missed this week in the LV Friday Five. Here are the latest posts for you, your kids and the rest of your family. More

Americans Know They Need to Save for Retirement. So Why Aren’t They?

Americans not only know they should be saving for retirement, but they even have the money to do it. So why don’t they? A new study explains. More