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What Do You Do When Your Kid Inherits Money?

If a relative leaves an inheritance for your children (or if you plan to), here’s what you need to know. More

The Best (and Worst) Vacations for Kids of Different Ages

What vacation will provide you with the most enthused kids and the best together time? These are the best suggestions based on your kid’s age. More

5 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation

Family trips can be great opportunities to teach kids about money. Here, five moms and dads share the vacation tricks they used to teach their own kids about finances. More

6 Tricks to Save Time and Money Traveling With Kids

While keeping kids entertained, safe and tame while traveling sounds great, spending money on every gizmo and gadget to do so doesn’t. Here are 6 items worth shelling out for. More

Save Energy and Save Money by Slaying the Energy Vampires in Your Home

Much of your household energy it is going to household vampires: appliances, chargers and devices that suck up energy even when they aren’t being used. More

Get Facials, Massages, And More With A Steep Discount By Using Student Services

Everyone likes a little pampering now and then, but it can be hard without blowing your sensible budget. That’s where local specialty schools come in handy. More

The New-Baby Expenses No One Told You About

A baby brings all sorts of surprises…one of them will probably be how much money you’re going to spend on yourself, not necessarily on your new bundle of joy. More

Reduce Risk and Spending With Prepaid Credit Cards

Credit card debt is the very thing you don’t want in a healthy financial life. One solution: reloadable, prepaid credit cards. More

Is It Worth the Membership to a New Museum?

Stuck in the city on a summer weekend? No better time than to check out a museum. …Even if the Arctic exhibit doesn’t thrill you, we are betting that the Arctic air conditioning will! Now, you’re thinking, one time entrance … Continue reading

Down Payments, Mortgage Rates And More: Are You Ready To Become A Home Buyer?

Whether or not we feel ready to own our own home, we wonder out of curiosity: Could we? More