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Recipe: Healthy Cauliflower Casserole

Healthy? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely. Affordable? Oh, yes. Try this healthy recipe for dinner! More

20 Unexpected Uses for Cinnamon

Cinnamon is quite potent and can take your health to the next level. Whether you smell it, ingest it or apply it, the benefits are very real and more than skin deep. More

How to DIY Your Favorite Fashion Trends

Skip the store and scratch the itch to buy something new by revamping your existing clothes with these ten easy-to-do DIY wardrobe updating projects. More

What a Waste! Americans Throw Out 40% of All Food Produced

Although food sellers lose as much as $15 billion annually in unsold produce, the majority of food waste occurs in restaurants and household kitchens. Why? More

9 Ways to Avoid the Dry Cleaners

Want to avoid dry cleaning toxins and save money in the process? Try these strategies instead for your delicates. More

5 Fall Fashion Trends You Can Find in a Thrift Store

The best way to shop if you’re eco-minded and price-conscious is to interpret the latest runway trends with vintage and thrift finds. More

Myths of a Containerized Life

Do you organize everything into bins and containers? If so, you you may be containerizing your life. Here are seven myths of containerizing. More

DIY Project: Summer Shorts

There’s no better way to spend the dog days doing at-home crafts. Here are ten different DIY projects to make your own printed shorts. More

10 Fun and Free Things to Do on the Internet

For all the time we spend surfing the internet, it sometimes gets boring. Here are ten awesome things to do on the internet that you probably haven’t seen yet. More

30 Inspirational Quotes on Facing Difficulties

It’s true, the greatest thing to fear is fear itself. Here are 30 quotes to pick up your day and inspire you to take on and overcome challenges. More